Sketch 2/6/21
"The Birth of My Ideas", starts with an image in my mind.  
Then the day I start to move my pencil around on my sketchbook paper, my mind connects the dots of the image. Moving the pencil around trying to find it's shape.  I don't pick the color of the piece in this stage.  The color palette comes when I take the brush to the canvas.  The color palette changes as the painting take on it's own life.  My mind opens to a meditative state and the painting starts to immerge from my subconsciousness.  
This idea was born on 2/6/21.  I like to hide my original idea with the play of color or shape.  Never giving it away in the title of the piece.  I will be titling each piece in this series by the date it was drawn/born in my sketchbook.  This will allow the viewer to form it own unique idea/opinion of the painting. 

Title: 2/6/2021

Oil on canvas


Sketch 1/27/21