• lori dever

August 24, 2020

Today I submitted artwork to two shows at Maryland Federation of Art. Strokes and Corporate Connections....wish me luck. Tonight I will be working on two small paintings for the September Show at Main Street Gallery. I have finished three thus far for the show. I try to do 6 new paintings in two months, if not more. Working on more than one painting helps me accomplish more results. Below is that latest painting, "A Storm Is Coming". This painting is based off of a photograph my son Tyler took on a trip to Ocean City. It was a view from his balcony. He has a natural eye for a rich competition. I took an artistic license with this painting. I added ships and a storm cloud to give a feel of space and time. A hint of something uneasy on the horizon.

"A Storm Is Coming", 16X20" Oil on Canvas


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